About Sanjay Mishra 

Although a lot of people confuse him with the famous guitarist, Sanjay has no connection whatsoever with any thing musical. He is an out and out wires and bytes person. 
Born and raised in New Delhi, India,  Sanjay studied at St Columba's before attending University Of Roorkee. Sanjay did his BE in Electrical Engineering at UOR. In 1990 he joined University of Maryland (College Park) for MS in EE. 

Sanjay has been programming since he was in grade nine, learning first BASIC and then FORTRAN. And around that time, there was a period when he used to dream about computers in general and a small Casio unit that he had his eyes on, in particular. He never did get that Casio but taught himself a number of computer languages nevertheless. 

In 1993 Sanjay joined INFORMATICS Inc. of Greenbelt, Maryland. That job provided him with the opportunity to work for Lockheed Martin, NASA and IBM which in turn gave him invaluable experience in various areas of technology, real time operations and business in general. 

Sanjay co-founded Sigmanet Networks a Web media and Internet Service provider in 1996. He built a  built a state of the art network and web infrastructure from scratch providing vision, executive direction and hands on labor. Sigmanet Networks got acquired in 2000.

Since then Sanjay has co-founded  Conversation Technology Inc and been an independent consultant to select organizations.

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